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Texas Truck Mudding spots

Best mudding spots near Dallas, TX

Posted at Thu, Jun 23, 2022 1:45 PM

Mudding can be a great way to let out some energy, enjoy the day, or test out a new ride. If you have an off-roading Ford vehicle like the F-150 or Bronco, and you want to take it through some challenging terrain, there are plenty of spots near Dallas where you can do so. As long as your Texas OHV sticker allows you to go off-roading, the locations listed in this article are perfect for taking your ride through the mud and getting a little dirty. Here are some of our favorite mudding spots for Ford vehicles near Dallas.Texas Truck Mudding Trails

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area

The Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area is a great place to take your Ford vehicle for some mudding opportunities. The area opened in 2000 and has since offered more than 1,500 acres of trails and mudding areas. When visiting the area, all adults and minors must sign waivers prior to mudding or off-roading.

With plenty of rallies and mudding events, you can plan a time to visit the park with a group to enjoy the off-roading community. This park also offers primitive camping, electric hookups for recreational vehicles, and bunk houses you can rent. Though Barnwell is about two hours from the center of Dallas, it's well worth the drive.

Brazos Valley Off-Road Ranch

Roughly three hours outside of Dallas, the Brazos Valley Off-Road Ranch strives to provide the off-roading enthusiast with a comprehensive system of trails to explore. Vehicles like buggies and trucks are allowed on the trails as long as they have an accompanying guide. The 1,300-square-foot clubhouse has bathrooms and showers available for you to use after your mudding experience.

The 5-acre parking area provides ample space for parking your two rigs while mudding if you bring additional vehicles or bikes. You can contact the park for more information if you want to come mudding with a group or use the clubhouse afterward. The site also offers an air compressor you can use to ensure your tires are properly aired before mudding.

Creekside Off-Road Ranch

Creekside Off-Road Ranch is about three and a half hours from the center of Dallas. This ranch offers several miles of hills, mud, sand, and challenging trails for you to test the limits of your Ford vehicle. You can stop and jump into Peach Creek to cool off when mudding. With both primitive camping and spots for RV hookups, you can come camp at the park and spend several days testing out the trails and exploring the area.

Because this park is usually open from Friday to Sunday, planning to spend the weekend can help you ensure you get the most out of your trip from Dallas. Pets are allowed in the park as long as they are on a leash and controlled, and there are bathrooms and showers available so guests can clean off mud and dirt.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

About three and a half hours from Dallas, Hidden Falls Adventure Park is a perfect spot for mudding enthusiasts. If you're visiting the park with your F-150, Bronco, or other off-roading vehicles, you can visit their site to review the full opportunities for 4x4 rigs. You can find a map that shows you how to access different mudding spots in the park. The park has simple trails for beginner mudding enthusiasts and more challenging areas for those who want to test their rigs.

When visiting the park, each passenger in the vehicle signs a waiver and checks in with the office to uphold safety procedures. If you want to stay for a few days, you can choose one of the many camping options. Zip's House is a building that sleeps five people, and Jessie's Place is a building that houses up to eight people. You can also use one of the RV sites or primitive camping areas if you want to bring your camping equipment.

Matagorda Beach

If you like to take your rig through the sand and enjoy the water and waves, Matagorda Beach may be an excellent option for you to do some mudding near Dallas. This is one of the furthest mudding spots from Dallas, but it's worth mentioning because of its uniqueness from the other options on this list. When you visit Matagorda, you can get your fill of the challenging 4x4 trails, enjoy the beach, go swimming, or camp in the area.

Prior to off-roading at the beach, be sure to apply for the Matagorda Country Beach Vehicle Permit. It's not permitted to drive on the sand dunes, as it can cause damage to the beach if you want to camp at Matagorda while off-roading, you can bring primitive camping equipment or an RV.

Trees Ranch Off-Road Park

Built by a group of enthusiasts, the Trees Ranch Off-Road Park is a park made for adventurers. With more than 40 available trails, Trees Ranch strives to be a family-centered off-roading park where you can bring any vehicle and have a great time. When visiting Trees Ranch, you are required to sign a waiver before using any of the mudding spots on the property.

 When exploring the trails, it's required that you have at least two radios you can use to stay in touch with the park. This park has trails ranging from ranch roads, gravel or dirt roads you can use to traverse the park, to extreme trails, which may only be for fully-outfitted off-roading rigs. You can also stop for lunch and enjoy the scenery at the park's numerous lunch spots and shaded areas.

Those are our favorite spots to take Ford vehicles over tough terrain and water. These mudding spots are perfect for testing the specs on your Bronco or F-150. Don't have the perfect mudding vehicle yet? Stop by the dealership to check our inventory and learn which option may work best for you. Is there an excellent mudding spot we forgot to add to this list? Reach out to one of our dedicated team members today and share the mudding knowledge.

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