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Do You Know Your Tires? Read This to Find Out

Posted at Wed, Nov 25, 2015 2:45 PM

A quick review of your vehicle's tire health may save you money and enhance your safety. Read this for a quick guide to tire safety before you purchase your next set of tires.

1. Correct Size and Type - the tire information is usually located near the driver's door and often indicates tire size, speed, rating and inflation pressures. Will you need All Season, M+5 or Mud + Snow, Touring, Performance, Off Road, Winter, Summer?

2. Load Rating - a critical safety item. Select a tire that meets or exceeds the auto manufacturer's recommended load rating for your vehicle.

3. Speed Rating - a critical safety item. Select a tire that meets or exceeds the auto manufacturer's recommended speed rating. A vehicle may not be capable of being safely operated to the limits of a higher speed rated tire.

4. Tread Depth - Affect stopping distance, traction, and wet weather capabilities. Tread varies by manufacturer. Treat depth in 3/32 to 2/32 is in the danger zone!

5. Inflation Pressure - Use the auto manufacturer suggested tire pressure. Do not exceed the maximum inflation pressure. Most vehicles have a sensor that signals when pressure is too low. Quick changes from warm to cool weather temperatures can often lower tire pressure regardless if you just had them checked.

6. Rotation/Alignment - replacing one or more tires will absolute change the overall balance and alignment of the vehicle. A proper balance and alignment keeps enhances the overall performance of tires and so to the overall vehicle performance.

7. Tire Age - Rubber tires have a limited shelf life. General guidelines are offered by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). Aged tires are more likely to have problems in higher heat climates. Even with sufficient tread, long term exposure to chemical, mechanical or environmental conditions can affect a tire's performance.

Our Park Cities Ford Lincoln Service and Sales team can always advise you on the status of your tires. Drop by any time for a quick assessment, before you find yourself in an unsafe tire situation! Ford Roadside Assistance: 1-800-241-3673.

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