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Ford Driving Dreams! We Honor 5 Seniors with Academic Scholarships

Posted at Tue, Jun 21, 2016 9:00 AM

Our dealership, in partnership with the Ford Motor Company’s Driving Dreams Scholarship program, honored five graduating seniors from the North Texas area with $2000 scholarships towards their college tuition. This is an amazing program that actually identified 1180 students from 115 schools in the North Texas area who submitted scholarship applications this past spring. From these applications, 202 scholarships were awarded. Most of the recipients had identified an interest in STEM studies – science, technology, engineering and math.

Our team celebrated with the kids at an exciting reception on May 11 at AT&T Stadium. More than 500 people attended including parents, students, teachers, Ford representatives and area North Texas Ford dealers who participated in the program. We took the time to meet and thank each student and it was amazing to hear where they would be attending school and what there plans were for the future.

The Park Cities Ford scholarship recipients included: Melissa Lopez from Thomas Jefferson High School; Mary Coffee from Highland Park High School; Georgie Osgood from Woodrow Wilson High School; Heidi Subiza from North Dallas High School; and Calvin Graham from Townview Center, Science and Engineering, High School.

We will all these graduates our very best as they pursue the next steps in their education! - AE

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