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Posted at Sun, Sep 10, 2017 9:30 AM
  • Teams of Ford employees from 38 countries will feed the hungry, provide clean water, and repair schools and shelters throughout September – Ford Global Caring Month
  • In the United States, Ford volunteers in 24 states will go to work in their communities with a Ford Accelerated Action Day on Sept. 15
  • Ford Motor Company Fund will contribute $700,000 in grants for nonprofits to purchase tools and supplies for this year’s global volunteer projects

Dearborn, Mich., Sept. 5, 2017 – During Ford’s Global Caring Month in September, thousands of Ford employees in 38 countries will apply their skills and energy toward making people’s lives better through community improvement projects in cities, towns and villages around the world.

As the signature annual event of the Ford Volunteer Corps, Ford employees will roll up their sleeves to tackle more than 325 projects on six continents. Projects include:

  • Australia: Installation of water tanks at a camp for underprivileged young people
  • Brazil: Help building a facility to care for impoverished families and their children with cancer
  • China: Community gardening, beach cleanup and environmental education
  • Germany: Assistance with preparations for a new refugee camp
  • India: Reading to children, science mentorship and other education projects
  • Mexico: Home construction, school and shelter renovation
  • Philippines: Building community water facilities in villages
  • Russia: Renovation and construction work at a senior citizens center and school
  • South Africa: Install equipment to capture and store water at schools; make building repairs
  • United Kingdom: Restoring a children’s activity center, refurbishing a homeless shelter

“Ford volunteers are providing life-changing assistance to disadvantaged children and families by improving access to clean water, food and shelter,” said Jim Vella, president, Ford Motor Company Fund. “Each project and every volunteer is important to comfort and care for people now, and to inspire work toward sustainable solutions that lift up communities for the long-term.”

Ford Fund is contributing $700,000 in grants for nonprofits to purchase tools and supplies needed for many of these projects. In the United States, Ford employees will participate in more than 115 volunteer activities across 24 states throughout the month, including a Ford Accelerated Action Day on Sept. 15.

“Few things are as gratifying as sharing some of your good fortune with those less fortunate,” said Janet Lawson, director, Ford Volunteer Corps. “Ford employees are helping people overcome obstacles to a better life and in the process, they are building stronger communities that benefit all of us.”

Ford Volunteer Corps is the heart of a global network that enlists more than 30,000 employees annually to participate in community service activities. Ford Global Caring Month marks the largest concentration of Ford volunteers working in the community each year, but Ford volunteers are on the job at food banks, care facilities and schools all year long. Since the launch of Ford Volunteer Corps in 2005, its members have contributed more than 1.5 million hours of community service in 50 countries, which equates to nearly $36.5 million of in-kind community investments.

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