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Giving the Gift of Life: 4th Annual Blood Drive

Posted at Wed, Nov 25, 2015 2:45 PM

There is probably nothing more personal than donating your own blood to help another. We held our 4th annual team blood drive on Monday, November 23. The Carter BloodCare team brought their big mobile bus to facilitate the contributions. Our employees, comprised of 140 men and 15 women thoughtfully considered the invitation to donate.

About 100 donations of blood have been made over the years from our dealership. We are happy with that number because many people are unable to donate due to health considerations or recent foreign travel and a host of other things that many of us don’t think twice about. But, these important donation guidelines help keep our national blood supply safe.

There are also the legitimately squeamish. For some folks, this type of giving just does not go well when they see needles or blood. We appreciate that sentiment too. We understand that this is is not for everyone, but those who can should as often as they can. It’s that important. Special thanks to Carlos Rodriguez, our Shop Foreman, for his donation and allowing us to share his photo.

We just want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to those who can. For more information or to set up your own workplace blood drive, visit or call 800-366-2834.

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