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Blue Ford Mustang in the summer sun.

Making Sure You and Your Ford are Ready for Summer

Posted at Thu, Feb 17, 2022 11:30 PM

As summer approaches, our everyday activities need to adapt to the new season. Your Ford, for example, has to prepare for maximum performance in the sweltering Texas summer to allow you to enjoy those road trips you plan to make. Regardless of your summer plans, even if you are just commuting in your air-conditioned Ford regularly, getting your Ford summer-ready is crucial for improved efficiency and overall safety. At Planet Ford Dallas, we want to make sure that you have all of the information you need to ensure you and your Ford are ready for summer. 

Different seasons bring different weather and temperatures, and these changes can have an impact on your vehicle. To keep your Ford at optimum performance as you transition from spring to summer, here is a list of things that will get your car summer-ready. 

Change to Summer Tires

If you use a set of winter tires, it is time to switch them out for your summer tires. Using tires dedicated for the current season is essential because tires significantly impact car performance and safety. After changing tires, you need to inspect all tires, including the spare tire. 

Check for any cuts, bulges, and also examine the tire pressure. If there are any cuts or bulges, change the tires. For low tire pressure, inflate the tire as per Ford's recommended pressure level indicated in your car manual. 

Replenish Your Engine Fluids

High temperatures during summer put a lot of pressure on your car engine and the fluids necessary to run your Ford. Engine fluids include oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power-steering fluid. These fluids lubricate your vehicle's parts and act as a coolant to carry heat away from critical components. 

Summer heat tends to evaporate these fluids, so it is vital to have the levels checked and replenished before the season starts. Ensure that you check the recommended products in the car manual before changing any fluids. 

Check Your Battery

Constant heat and vibration can damage your car's battery by causing an internal breakdown of the components. Because summer heat in Texas is unavoidable, you can take measures to ensure your battery is protected by checking it or having a professional do it for you. 

If you are self-checking your battery, ensure that it's securely attached to the car to prevent vibration. You can also clean any corrosive substances on the battery terminals and cable clamps to protect your battery from corrosion. Cleaning any corrosive substances also ensures that the battery clamps are tight enough, thus preventing the battery from moving. 

To maintain good-battery health, ensure that a technician tests your battery to determine how long it will last. Also, have your battery changed to avoid it failing while running errands around Dallas.

Check Your Brakes 

During winter, brakes pads undergo immense temperature changes that may damage them. Wet roads also make your brakes work harder, and because of the hail and occasional snow that Dallas experiences during winter months, you may put a great deal of wear on them before entering the warmer months. Therefore, when summer sets in, it is necessary to have your brake pads checked by a technician. The technician removes the tires and brake pads to inspect them for uneven wear and cracking.

Certain things can indicate that your brake pads need to change, such as grinding or squeaking noises from your tires. Take note of how far you are pushing down on your brake pads and how long it takes for the noise to stop. If you notice any of these issues, you will need to get your brake pads changed or repaired.

Maintain Your Ford's Air-Conditioning System

Air conditioning is your salvation for the summer because it protects you from extreme temperatures and keeps you safe during heatwaves. Therefore, you need to check that your air conditioner is working effectively to protect you and your passengers from dehydration and possible heat stroke. You can do this by simply running the air conditioner on a warm day to see if it cools the car effectively. 

If it is not cooling effectively, bring your car into our service department for a proper diagnosis and necessary repair. If your Ford is a new model, ensure that you check the cabin filter and replace it if necessary. Cabin filters prevent outside debris from entering the car. Cabin filters also aid in good airflow and cooling. 

Change Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are heavily used during the winter season when getting ice build-up from windshields, especially during blizzards. Luckily Dallas weather spares residents from blizzards, but when summer arrives you will need new windshield wipers. Opt for ones that are formulated for warmer weather since they are crafted to be more flexible. 

Ensure that you fill the windshield-washer reservoir with the fluid formulated to remove debris and insects. Also, test that the nozzle sprays are working well because windshield wipers and their components are necessary to attain clear visibility of the road for overall safety when driving.

Wash Your Car

You may want to you give your car a thorough wash before you hit the road in summer. A full-service wash includes cleaning the exterior body, windows, wheel wells, underbody, and engine compartment with quality cleanser and high-pressure water to get rid of any trapped dirt. Vacuum the interior and shampoo the carpets if needed. 

Cleaning your car thoroughly also goes a long way in making it easier to diagnose leaks or spot any aging parts of your vehicle that need repairing. You can also purchase a car cover to protect your car from the harsh sun when not in use. 

Visit Planet Ford Dallas for Inspection and Maintenance

Despite all the checks and repairs you make in preparation for your summer plans, breakdowns can happen, and you need to prepare for them. You can buy some water cans and store them in the car. In case of a car breakdown, you can keep yourself hydrated as you wait for a tow truck.

To avoid most of these issues above, you can visit Planet Ford Dallas to get your Ford inspected and serviced by our experienced technicians. You can also contact us to schedule your tire change, battery change, brake-pad repair, and replenish your oil for optimum efficiency to cruise on Dallas terrains confidently.


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