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Fluid Inspections in Dallas

If you think about it, cars and trucks are mechanical miracles. They consist of hundreds if not thousands, of parts, all with an important role to play. If any of them break, it could bring your commute to a halt and cost you money for expensive repairs.

Pay close attention to the fluids in your car to keep this from happening to you. Oil, coolant, and other types of lubricating liquids guard against parts rubbing together and creating significant mechanical challenges for you.

The experienced service team at Planet Ford Dallas can help serve as a front line of defense. Our team will inspect and check all your fluids every time you come in for service, regardless of the reason. Here's what you need to know about fluid inspections.

Your Car's Fluids

Dallas, TX Fluid Inspections

We all know about your car's hunger for gas. Under the hood, though, other fluids are doing the important work of keeping your vehicle running. Here's an overview of the car's primary fluids, what they do, why it's essential to check them regularly, and how often you should change them.

Motor Oil

The most critical fluid in any car is motor oil, which keeps your engine functioning normally and reduces wear and tear on parts. Most manufacturers and mechanics recommend an oil change roughly after every three months or 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Changing the oil is essential because it can get dirty and, as it does, become less effective. Our mechanics at Planet Ford Dallas are available for oil changes at a convenient time and will look closely for signs of dirty oil. Our oil change service will also include a careful review of air filters in the engine and in the cabin to make sure they are as clean as possible.

Brake Fluid

Keeping your brakes in good working order helps provide you and your family with safety on the road. Brake fluid is integral to their functioning, providing the force you need to slow and eventually stop the car. The fluid flows through brake lines from the master cylinder to the brakes when you stop on the pedal. Like oil, brake fluid can degrade. Mechanics recommend that you schedule service to change your brake fluid every two years or 30,000 miles. The technicians at Planet Ford will keep careful records and remind you when it's time.

Power Steering Fluid

If you've ever driven a car without power steering, you know how much of a difference this feature makes. Power steering relies on power steering fluid to provide maximum benefits. The fluid creates hydraulic pressure, making it easier for drivers to move the steering wheel. It also keeps parts nicely lubricated to avoid friction, which creates heat and can lead to breakdowns. Checking your power steering fluid is a crucial part of regular fluid inspections. Planet Ford Dallas specialists will ensure your vehicle has a power steering fluid change every 40,000 and 80,000 miles.

Transmission Fluid

Without a well-lubricated transmission, your car will get nowhere fast. Transmission fluid serves a vital series of functions in keeping your transmission safe. In addition to lubricating gears, it reduces friction and cools the transmission components. Depending on the type of car you drive, you will use either automatic transmission fluid or manual transmission fluid. Most mechanics agree that transmission fluid needs to be changed between 30,000 and 60,000 miles without fail.

Antifreeze/Engine Coolant

As we've already discussed, heat can be an enemy to your car. You can guard against temperature extremes by keeping your antifreeze/engine coolant reservoir filled and changing it regularly. This fluid regulates temperatures and works on the water that runs through your engine. On sweltering days, the coolant keeps the water from overheating; conversely, it keeps the water from freezing on frigid days.

Antifreeze/cooling liquid allows your car to operate in conditions from 30 below zero to as much as 275 degrees. As a general rule, consider having Planet Ford Dallas perform an antifreeze/engine coolant flush once every 30,000 miles or every three to five years.

What Happens During a Fluid Inspection

During a fluid inspection, our mechanics will carefully check each of these fluids' levels and conditions. We will look for signs that the fluid has reached a stage that needs changing, which may include the following:

  • Strong, strange odors.
  • Leaking fluids on the ground beneath your car.
  • Warning lights illuminated on the driver's instrument panel.
  • Discoloration.

The fluid inspection involves three types of mechanical reviews. We will check to ensure the reservoirs are filled, to see if the fluid shows signs of dirt or other particles, and that the lines are free of any cracks or other defects.

How To Stay On Top of Your Fluids

The most frequently changed fluid is your oil. Our team will routinely perform a full fluid inspection as part of every oil change and make recommendations as appropriate for necessary service.

In addition to examining fluids, we'll complete other necessary preventive maintenance services, such as a tire rotation and pressure check, brake inspection, battery test, and a filter, belt, and hose check. We'll also check your headlights, windshield wipers, and windshield wiper fluid to keep your views clear.

Trust Planet Ford Dallas for Your Service Needs

Serving the Dallas area for more than 30 years, Planet Ford Dallas wants to be your first choice for all your vehicle needs. Our service department is committed to helping keep your car on the road for as long as you want it to be. You can schedule your appointment for service conveniently online, and we'll even send you reminders. 

Even after so many years, we take pride in being family-owned and -operated, as it allows us to stay in touch with our community. In addition to top-notch auto maintenance repair, trust us if you are in the market for a new Ford sedan, truck, SUV, or used vehicle from one of the major manufacturers. Call us or contact us online to set up an appointment, or better yet, pay us a visit.

Photo Credit: Car fuel pre-filter closeup by Nenad Stojkovic is licensed with CC BY 2.0

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