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Ford Auto Service Scheduler Dallas, TX

Every car needs a checkup once in a while, and regularly taking it to the shop for maintenance operations can keep it in good shape for a long time. Besides helping you take care of your business without worrying that your vehicle will stop working when you need it the most, regularly servicing your vehicle can also keep its resale value high. If you live in or around Dallas, Texas, and want quality repair and maintenance services, look no further than Planet Ford Dallas.

Schedule The Right Time For the Right Job

Speak Directly with a Service Advisor to Schedule Advanced Repairs
Use the Tool Below to Schedule Basic Maintenance Only
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Regular Services Vital to Maintaining the Longevity of Your Vehicle
Oil ChangesTire Rotations • State Inspections • Brake Jobs

Repairs require Ford Certified Technicians to assess & fix the problem.
Repair times vary based on factors, such as Shop Capacity & Parts Availability.

• Transmission & Engine Repair • A/C & Heating Systems • Electrical •
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 The Works Package
This Maintenance Package Includes:
•Tire Rotation
•Synthetic Blend Oil Change
•Brake Inspection
•Fluid Top-Off
•Battery Test
•Filter Check
•Belts & Hoses Check
•Vehicle Checkup

 The Works Package - Diesel Engines
This Maintenance Package Includes:
•Tire Rotation
•Synthetic Blend Oil Change
•Brake Inspection
•Fluid Top-Off
•Battery Test
•Filter Check
•Belts & Hoses Check
•Vehicle Checkup

Car, Truck, and SUV Brake Jobs

 Front Brake Job
Front Brake Job for Cars & Light Trucks using Motorcraft Brake Pads

 Front Brakes
Install Front Brake Pads on Cars & Light Trucks Without Machining Rotors

System Flushes

 Transmission Flush
Flush System; Check for Leaks; Multi-Point Inspection

 Power Steering Flush
Flush System; Check for Leaks; Multi-Point Inspection

 Brake System Flush
State-Of-The-Art Equipment for Complete Flush and Evaluation of the Old Brake Fluid; Safely Replacing Contaminated Brake Fluid Could Not Only Help Prevent Costly Repairs, But Could Help Prevent Dangerous Accidents.

Filter & Part Replacements

 Cabin Air Filter
Replace Cabin Air Filter & Multi-Point Inspection

 Engine Air Filter
Motorcraft Air Filter Installed (Excludes Diesel Vehicles) & Multi-Point Inspection

 Replace Wiper Blades
One Pair of Dealer-Installed Motorcraft Premium Wear Wiper Blades & Multi-Point Inspection

 Replace Bulbs
Light Bulb Installation (Plus Cost of Bulb) & Multi-Point Inspection

schedule ford service in dallas, tx

Certified Ford Service 

From routine service operations to complex repairs, our authorized technicians are more than capable of identifying and fixing the issue as quickly as possible. If you feel that your car requires more advanced maintenance, you can give us a call, and a service advisor will help you schedule your service visit. Also, all specials include a complimentary car wash.

Here are some of the most common and popular services:

Tire Changes and Rotations

It's sometimes easy to forget that the only thing standing between your vehicle and the road is a thin layer of rubber. Giving your tires the attention they deserve can result in a smoother driving experience, better handling, and shorter braking distances. Inspecting your tires every few weeks is a good idea, especially if you live in an area with extreme temperatures or bad roads. Our technicians will do it for you and rotate them to ensure a smooth distribution of wear and tear.

When the time comes for a new set of tires, you can use our website to determine exactly the type of tires you need for your vehicle. All you'll need to do is enter your vehicle's production year, make, and model, and you'll be able to see the different brands of tires that you could buy.

Oil and Air Filter Changes

Regularly changing your oil can help keep your engine running smoothly for decades. The exact interval between oil changes typically depends on your vehicle, but we recommend doing it a few times a year if you regularly use the respective vehicle. Having your oil changed at Planet Ford Dallas is quick and easy, especially if you schedule it in advance.

Brake Replacements

Having perfectly working brakes is crucial for any driver, as they help ensure the safety of everyone inside and around the vehicle. It's also important that all elements you replace, like brake pads, discs, and rotors, are original; this way, you can be sure they're as durable and reliable as the ones initially mounted on the vehicle. When visiting Planet Ford Dallas Service Center, our technicians analyze your braking system to determine if any part needs replacing. Changing them with new ones is also quick and smooth.

Battery Service and Replacement

We don't usually think about our car's battery until we're trying to start our vehicle and it's not able to get the engine moving. Regular servicing can delay this moment and keep it running well for as long as possible. When you visit our service for a routine checkup, our mechanics will clean debris and corrosion from its terminals and test your vehicle to determine how much longer it's likely to last.

Batteries typically last around three or four years, so when the time comes to replace them, you can count on us to help you do it proactively instead of waiting until it fails.

Special Service Coupons

If you want to perform maintenance operations to keep your car running well for a long time, consider choosing from one of our special service coupons :

The Works

Choosing this package means you'll perform all necessary maintenance operations on your vehicle in a single visit. Our technicians will rotate your tires, inspect your oil and change it if necessary, check your brakes and battery, ensure your belts and hoses are in good shape, and top off fluids like windshield washer and coolant.

Slam Dunk Bonus Bucks

Here at Planet Ford Dallas, we know that repairs aren't cheap, and a major car-related expense like this can come unexpectedly. Schedule a service visit today, and our consultants can help you estimate your repair costs, so you can find out if you can benefit from this discount.

Motorcraft Complete Brake Service and Super Duty Brake Special

We want you to be able to count on your brakes whenever you need to, so we're offering special prices on brake replacements. Our complete brake service is available for most vehicles and consists of replacing the brake pads and rotors. Suppose you'd like a complete overhaul of your braking system. In that case, our Super Duty Brake Special deal enables us to replace your front and rear pads with original Motorcraft ones and perform a multi-point inspection on all other elements of the system.

Brake System and Power Steering Flush

The brake and power steering systems require special liquids to improve efficiency and reduce friction. This liquid loses its efficiency over time and needs replacing once in a while. Our technicians will flush the old fluid and perform a multi-point inspection on either of the two systems.

Computerized Alignment Special

Bad road surfaces may affect your wheels' alignment, reducing safety and driving pleasure. Our computerized systems help our technicians perfectly align your wheels. This special also includes a complimentary brake inspection.

Keeping your vehicle in good shape can make your car-owning experience safer and more pleasant. If you have any servicing needs, from routine maintenance operations to more complex repair works, contact us at Planet Dallas Ford and schedule a visit to benefit from our well-trained mechanics and modern technology.

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