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Ford Parts Department - Order OEM Ford Parts From Planet Ford Dallas in Dallas, TX Today

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What Is an OEM Ford Part?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and is parts that are made by Ford Motor Company that are specific to your vehicle. When you buy any OEM Ford part from Planet Ford Dallas Love Field you know you are getting a part that will not only fit perfectly but will work 100% as it was intended to the day the vehicle rolled off of the assembly line.

Why Should I Buy OEM Parts For My Ford Vehicle?

Quality - As stated above, OEM parts are made specifically for your Ford vehicle. They will fit and operate as if your car or truck was just built. All Ford OEM parts are made exactly the same so you are assured you are getting the highest quality part each and every time. With aftermarket parts, the quality will vary because some of them use much lower quality metals and materials when making their parts for your vehicle.

Warranty - The Ford OEM parts you buy from Planet Ford Dallas Love Field come with a 1-year warranty from Ford Motor Company. This ensures if the part happens to fail for some reason within the first year, they will give you a replacement at no extra charge. Aftermarket parts you buy for your Ford car, truck, van, or SUV will not have a warranty.

Order Your Ford OEM Parts Online Today

You can request any part for your Ford vehicle today, if we have it in stock you can pick it up within 24 hours. If we have to order the part from Ford, we will notify you of an estimated delivery time. Remember, you can only buy genuine OEM Ford Parts from a Ford dealership. The local part stores do not sell OEM Ford parts, they only carry low-quality aftermarket parts. If you are unsure as to the part or set of parts you need, please our parts department a call today and we will help you determine the right OEM parts you need for your Ford vehicle today.

Order Ford OEM Parts

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