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Ford Co-Pilot 360 Safety Features in Dallas

Active vehicle safety technology has grown enormously over the past few decades, with Ford being one of the companies that pushed the limits of safety innovation. It's better to prevent an issue than to deal with it after it occurs, so virtually all modern vehicles are fitted with driver aids that help the driver notice any potential danger surrounding the vehicle and take measures to avoid it. 

Co-Pilot 360 Rearview Camera

Backing up can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if you drive a large vehicle, like an SUV or truck. Using the mirrors can be confusing, and you may not see much when turning your head because of your vehicle's size and shape. Many vehicles are fitted with sensors that issue intermittent beeps when they sense a nearby object, but they're not always accurate, and it's still hard to know what's exactly happening back there. 

The solution is a relatively straightforward one: a rearview camera that almost gives you an extra set of eyes at the back of your vehicle. When the system senses you putting the vehicle into reverse, its center dash display instantly turns into a viewing screen showing what's happening behind it. It also includes active guidelines to help you maneuver your vehicle by previewing the path you're about to take when turning your steering wheel left or right or going straight back. 

The rear-view camera is helpful in virtually any situation when you have to back up, but it may be convenient if you tow a trailer. The system helps you line up your trailer to the hitch and safely maneuver it in any direction. Also, objects behind your vehicle that may be hard to notice otherwise are easy to avoid with the help of Ford's rear-view camera. 

Not only does it show you which side of the vehicle the obstacle is on and how close it is, but it also automatically draws colored lines around it to help you maneuver around as you back up your vehicle. All you have to do is ensure the camera isn't obstructed by snow or debris, and backing up will be a breeze.

How Does the Co-Pilot 360 Rearview Camera Work?

Although using Ford's rearview camera system is intuitive and straightforward, its technology is far more complex than you may think. Unlike a typical camera, which shows the captured images as the human eye sees them, a vehicle's rearview camera first converts them into a mirror image of the original, which helps the drivers orient themselves when looking at it. Otherwise, you may become confused and turn right when you mean to turn left. 

The camera is usually located near the license plate on the vehicle's bumper. Its exact location depends on the vehicle type. The camera angle is slightly oriented downwards, helping the driver notice any smaller obstacles that may not have been visible otherwise. It also features a wide-angle lens, showing a far more complete view of the surroundings than a rear-view mirror could. 

How To Reverse Safely Using the Co-Pilot 360 Rearview Camera

When reversing, you can follow these steps to make sure you do it as safely as possible:

  1. Scan the vehicle's surroundings before getting in.
  2. Check all of your mirrors.
  3. Look over your shoulder to get a better sense of the situation.
  4. Reverse by using your backup camera, following its guiding lines to improve your accuracy.

Other Features Of Ford's Co-Pilot 360

Ford's Co-Pilot 360 is available for all passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks sold by the legendary American manufacturer. It adds a suite of driver-assist technologies that help drivers feel safer and more confident behind the wheel by assisting them in avoiding road incidents. Some of Ford's Co-Pilot 360 rearview camera's top features are:

  • BlueCruise. Ford's BlueCruise technology is available on over 130,000 miles of North American roads and allows drivers to operate their vehicles hands-free. It combines multiple technologies, such as adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and speed sign recognition systems, to safely control the vehicle. The only input required from the driver is the eyes that must stay on the road. 
  • Blindspot information system with cross-traffic alert. Changing lanes in heavy traffic can be a challenge, as it's usually difficult to notice vehicles located in your car's blind spot. This system makes it easier by alerting you if any vehicle is in your blind spot while also being very useful when backing up. It can detect incoming traffic to help you safely navigate your way out of a driveway or parking spot.
  • Lane-keeping system. It's easy to get occasionally distracted or tired during long drives, which may cause you to drift out of your lane and into a potentially dangerous situation. The lane-keeping system helps you avoid that by issuing an alert if you start drifting out of your lane.
  • Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking. Even the safest driver may face unexpected obstacles in front of their vehicle caused by a momentary lack of attention. This system helps you avoid any negative consequences by instantly alerting you in case of an imminent frontal collision and even applying the brakes if it doesn't sense any direct input from you. 
  • Intelligent adaptive cruise control. Constantly keeping your foot on the gas pedal and adjusting your Ford's speed depending on what's happening around you can become rather tedious, especially during long drives. This system uses a combination of innovative technologies to keep your vehicle at a steady speed and adjust that speed depending on how fast the driver in front of you is going and the speed limit in your driving area.

Ford's backup camera system and all other features within the Co-pilot 360 bundle can help you have comfortable and safe journeys. You can see it for yourself and test its benefits by visiting us at Planet Ford Dallas and checking out our selection of new and pre-owned vehicles!

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