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TripleCARE Plus - Extended Service Plan

Buying a car is a major investment but it’s not the last time you’ll have to spend on your vehicle. Car problems can often be untimely and usually when you can least afford to lose that time or cash. Ford wants you to know that you’re not on your own once you pull off our lots. We understand that the road can take a toll on your vehicle.  The Ford aftermarket services plans are designed with our customers in mind. 

Ford Edge

Planet Ford Dallas is one of the only Dallas - Fort Worth Ford dealerships to offer the Ford manufacturer extended warranties. It’s common to find these aftermarket services offered by a third-party provider. There are various benefits to going with a warranty through Ford.

A main pillar of the Ford Blue Advantage program, The Ford Protect TripleCARE Plus product provides coverage for your vehicle for tire and wheel damage, minor dents and door dings, and minor chips and cracks to your front windshield. Using a payment plan with varying deductibles that work with you, can be just the thing you need to bring the car in. 

Let’s say you brought your vehicle in for inspection and the expert technicians found an underlying issue. TripleCARE plus an extended service plan can help you cover that. We also include rental benefits for covered repairs under your vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage, as well as for Customer Satisfaction Programs and recalls.

Features and Benefits 

Unlimited mileage and up to 8 years of coverage   

No matter what kind of driver you are; daily commuter, traveling salesman, parent, or just love to drive. Don’t let mileage caps hold you back from the best options for your driving.

No limit on approved claim benefits or occurrences  

If you’re late to realize a claim exists or you’re weighing options, we will work with you. Some people are unlucky or drive on rough roads, we understand a variety of situations can arise that are out of your control behind the wheel. We made sure to put no limit on the number of claims you can file.

Covered repairs can be made at your selling Dealer, home, or work for DentCARE and WindshieldCARE

We will come to you. Ford realizes that people have obligations pulling them in other directions. The health of your car might be on the back burner and we understand that. That’s why with DentCARE and WindshieldCARE, we can perform those repairs at home, at the selling dealership, or even at your office. Allow the expert technicians at Ford to meet you at a time and place most convenient for you, to get that dent or crack taken care of. Let’s get that vehicle back to 100% and on the road!

Available on eligible new and used vehicles (at time of sale only)  

The Ford Blue Advantage program is applicable on all new Ford models as well as used vehicles available at Planet Ford Dallas or other Ford manufacturer warranty providers. These are applicable only at the time of sale so it’s good to be prepared with some questions upon arrival.

May protect your vehicle’s value when it’s time to sell

Ford Blue Advantage warranties are transferable. This means that you can be adding value to your vehicle in the eyes of a potential buyer who stands to inherit your vehicle’s plan. 

No deductible

Repairs completed under the Ford Blue Advantage - TripleCARE Plus program come with a standard $0 standard deductible. The goal is to make our maintenance plans as an affordable month to month as possible. Getting tied down with a large deductible could be the difference between you bringing the car in or letting it drive, potentially causing more damage.

TireCARE Plus Tire and Wheel 

With the Ford TireCARE Plus program, you are covered on approved costs associated with the repair or replacement of a tire that’s been structurally damaged or the replacement of a wheel if a road hazard damage prevents the wheel from sealing to the tire or maintaining the tire manufacturer’s air pressure specifications. 

When we say road hazards we mean: Glass or metal in the road that messes with your vehicle's wheels. Also covered are, potholes, debris, nails, etc. This includes the cosmetic coverage of alloy, aluminum, and steel wheels. 

The TireCARE Plus provides towing to the nearest authorized repair facility (up to a $100 reimbursement, including installation of a spare tire). Rental benefits include the coverage of $35/day for up to 2 days for covered repairs needed with your rental. 


The Ford Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) process removes minor dents and dings without harming the vehicle’s factory finish. Our mobile PDR program can work with any schedule. If you’re unable to get to the selling dealership we offer at-home or at-work services. Get fast, complete repairs that will have you back on the road with minimal tie-up of your vehicle. Our expert Ford technicians coming to you makes the process more convenient and less time-consuming than traditional body shop repair methods.


Covers the cost involved to repair the front windshield from damage like chips and cracks. These are commonly caused by propelled rocks and road debris that can happen at any time on all sorts of road types. We do have to announce that WindshieldCARE is not available in Florida. That shouldn’t be a concern for the potential Planet Ford Dallas customers around the Dallas Fort-Worth area who want a Ford manufacturer-provided warranty. 

*WindshieldCARE is not available in Florida

Learn More About Ford Aftermarket Services at Planet Ford Dallas

As one of the few dealerships around the Dallas Fort-Worth area, we want to make sure our customers are as well informed as possible. We created an overview page for a broad understanding of Ford’s warranty offerings and we continue to add more details about the details of each plan. Having confidence going into negotiations that you’re not going to be met with any surprise offers you feel are boxing you in is key. Please feel free to contact the team at Planet Ford Dallas at (214) 296-4416.

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