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A wrapped present ready to go under the tree this holiday season.

10 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Posted at Mon, Nov 15, 2021 12:00 PM

The spirit of charity is alive and well in Dallas, Texas, with many wonderful organizations providing services to individuals in need. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to give back to the community and participate in charitable efforts. If you want to spread holiday cheer to others, check out our list of ways to give back around Dallas.

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

Homeless shelters are valuable resources within the community, providing warm places for individuals without roofs over their heads to stay. Many shelters rely on the assistance of volunteer work from members of the Dallas community. By committing hours to volunteering at a shelter, you can help provide local families the amenities and meals they need to have a happy and healthy holiday season.

Participate in a Toy Collection

A wrapped present ready to go under the tree this holiday season.

Wrapped gift box for Christmas holiday” by Marco Verch Professional Photographer licensed under CC BY 2.0

One of the great pleasures of the holiday season is watching a child's face light up with joy upon opening a present. Unfortunately, not all families can afford to purchase the gifts their children ask for. Toy collection drives are excellent ways to help spread joy over the holidays, with organizations collecting donated toys and distributing them to families in need throughout the Dallas area. If you want to help, you can organize your own toy collection or purchase toys to contribute to an existing toy collection drive.

Organize a Food Drive

Another way you can help families in need have a happier holiday is by donating food. While many are preparing for a big feast with loved ones, others are struggling to keep enough food on the table for themselves and their families. Food drives allow those with the financial capability to purchase and donate food items. Your contribution can help make a local family's holiday meal more special and their season more secure. Organizations like the North Texas Food Bank work with groups in Dallas to organize drives where you can help local families this holiday season.

Share Your Clothes

If you have clothing you haven't worn in ages, consider contributing them to a clothing drive. These drives allow you to donate clothes you no longer wear to individuals who need them. This can be particularly important over the holiday season when temperatures get lower and not everyone has access to warm winter clothing. Organizations like the American Kidney Fund, Medina Children's Home, and AMVETS often organize drives for those in need. If you can't find a drive when you're ready to donate, give your items to a thrift store that offers inexpensive clothing options to make shopping more affordable.

Adopt a Family

If you want to make a significant impact this holiday season, consider adopting a family for the holidays. With a family adoption, you help a single family with their needs throughout the season. This allows you to make a significant contribution to a family and provide them with an unforgettable holiday experience. You might provide food for a holiday meal or help purchase gifts for family members. The goal is to ensure every Dallas family has a special holiday season. You can contact Services of Hope for more information on family adoption opportunities. 

Make a Pet Visit

If you have a pet that plays well with strangers and is well-behaved, consider training it to be a therapy pet over the holidays. By volunteering your and your pet's time to a local organization such as Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs, you can bring your pet to visit the residents at settings like hospitals, youth homes, or elderly facilities. Playing with a cute animal can bring a smile to the faces of those living in these establishments and give them with a special holiday season memory.

Raise Money for Charity

If you don't have time to participate in an organized charitable effort this holiday season, you can simply raise money for a deserving organization. By donating to an organization that provides for Dallas residents during the holidays, you can help make their season brighter and more joyful. One benefit of fundraising for the holidays is your ability to raise money any way you like. From organizing a bake sale to participating in a charity run, the money you raise can help make this holiday season special for Dallas residents.

Volunteer at a Women's and Family Shelter

Women's and family shelters help protect individuals living in unsafe situations. The holiday season can amplify the need for accommodations and care at Dallas shelters. Volunteering your time can help you make the upcoming holiday season special for the families using the shelters, just as everyone deserves.

Make an Anonymous Gift

One way to make an impact this holiday season without worrying about receiving credit for it is to give an anonymous donation. If you know a local family in need, you can prepare a present for them and deliver it anonymously. It can truly make the holiday season feel special to know a secret someone is looking out for them and making sure they have a wonderful time.

Deliver the Gift of Giving

If you want to increase the amount of charitable giving you participate in this holiday season, consider using gift opportunities to give even more. You can make donations to charities in your loved ones' names or ask that they do the same, spending the money they would have put toward a gift for you on a charitable donation. This is an excellent way to pay the love you receive forward to others.

As a Dallas business, Planet Ford Dallas takes our responsibilities to the community seriously. That's why we've not only worked to ensure we provide the best new or used cars, trucks and SUVs in Dallas for our customers, but also that we give back to the community. If you want to help those in need through charitable efforts, consider one or more of the avenues on this list. Do you have more charitable ideas for the holiday season? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

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