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Ford & Tesla EV Charging Partnership

In May 2023, Ford announced it would partner with Tesla to increase its electric vehicle (EV) charging network. This is great news for Ford EV drivers, as it will make accessing a charging station eas...
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2023's Top Ranked Used Cars

Buying a used vehicle can be a good idea for multiple reasons. Besides the obvious price advantage, buying a car that's been around the block a few times allows you to make a more informed decision by...
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What is GAP? It’s Peace of Mind!

The next time you purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle, consider the value of GAP Insurance as it relates to your personal peace of mind. GAP or Guaranteed Asset Protection is designed to protect our c...
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Ford Zooms in on First Book Program

We were excited Wednesday, Nov. 3 to participate in a Virtual Reading Party with Elena Ford and children's book author Stacy MacAnulty. Kids and teachers in K-4 th grade classrooms ZOOMED in from Dall...
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History of the Ford F-150

The Ford F-Series has been among the best-selling auto brands in the U.S. for several decades now, mainly because it continually evolves into a high-tech machine for heavy-duty work and luxury transpo...
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In case you missed it, as of January 2021 we are now PLANET FORD DALLAS LOVE FIELD! Big new name, same great people! We made the decision last year to put ourselves in brand alignment with the six oth...
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Maple Lawn Elementary Ford Family

Our neighbors at Maple Lawn Elementary School sent us a cool video after we sent them about 1800 Ford face masks to share with teachers and staff. This is one of the oldest elementary schools in the D...
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