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City of Tomorrow: Sharing the Street

The City Of Tomorrow Approaches A Tricky Intersection: The Corner Of Technology And Quality Of Life

Posted at Wed, May 29, 2019 12:00 AM

Next week in Los Angeles, we are bringing together leading entrepreneurs, mayors of major U.S. cities, academics, designers, developers, and community voices for a day of important conversations around mobility and progress.

By Marcy Klevorn, chief transformation officer, Ford Motor Company

The past few decades of technology disruption have improved the lives of many. However, the euphoria surrounding many innovations such as smartphones and social media has given way to important and sometimes sobering conversations about the cost of that technology, including their impact on how we live and interact with each other as local and global communities.

We believe these tensions between technological capability and technology use, between personal good and community good, also will exist as we work together to build our cities of tomorrow. And to ensure we are collectively working toward a future that improves lives, we need to talk about these topics openly and collaborate on the best ways forward.

That is why Ford is again convening the City of Tomorrow symposium. 

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