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Ford Pedgo electric bicycle

Ford Embraces the Power of the Bicycle

Posted at Fri, Jul 10, 2015 2:30 PM

You might think that an ever-growing mode of transportation in urban areas would be the bane of an auto company's existence, but our Dallas, TX Ford dealership's favorite brand is actually embracing the growth of bicycle riding. While the electric bike prototypes are simply a part of the company's due diligence, it's the kind of research and study involving alternate modes of transportation that really get the gears at Ford turning.

While we're more than happy to show off all our new Ford models for you to consider as your next ride, there's really something here in this study of cycling. With sensor installed on bicycles, Ford is learning how people get around on two wheels, and ultimately, the brand hopes to leverage that information for its comprehensive mobile movement.

If you think all of this is cool, just head on over to Park Cities Ford of Dallas today and find out what we've got going on at the local level.

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