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Posted at Sat, Dec 31, 2016 10:15 AM

Dearborn, Mich., Dec. 19, 2016 – Motorcraft now is delivering more competitive pricing and improved parts availability to customers following an extensive review aimed at improving the parts purchase and repair experience for dealers, distributors, repair shops and ultimately, the end customer.

“We are listening to our customers and taking significant steps to give them what they want,” said Marc Liskey, manager, Repair Product Planning Maintenance & Light Repair, North America. “Offering competitive pricing and consolidating parts will make it easier to stock and sell Motorcraft parts, helping dealers, distributors and installers to do their job more effectively and improving customer satisfaction in the process.”

Despite proven quality advantages, independent shops sometimes opt for cheaper, non-Ford and non-Motorcraft parts when servicing out-of-warranty vehicles. Lesser quality parts can reduce customer satisfaction and the shop’s bottom line when the vehicle has to come back due to part defect or failure. Step one in increasing availability was establishing more competitive pricing to expand usage of Motorcraft parts and drive installer and customer satisfaction.

Another component to increasing parts availability has been the consolidation of parts lines. For example, dealers and distributors used to have to stock 24 different oxygen sensor part numbers to cover a certain number of years, makes and models. Consolidation brought the 24 variations down to just one – with no reduction in coverage. Consolidating parts lines where it makes sense frees up shelf space and simplifies the stocking process.

Finally, given the average age of a vehicle on the road is 11.5 years according to 2015 IHS Automotive survey data, Motorcraft has expanded parts coverage for older model year vehicles, so that customers have a quality Motorcraft part regardless of their vehicle age and budget.

“Motorcraft has a very strong reputation in the industry as a provider of OE quality parts for Ford and Lincoln vehicles that always fit right, are easy to install, and are backed by a strong limited warranty,” said Brett Wheatley, executive director, Ford Customer Service Division. “We’re building on these advantages by expanding our coverage to older models with attractive parts pricing and simplified product lines to make it easier for our dealers and installers to stock the Motorcraft parts our customers are looking for.”

Some long-term Motorcraft parts users are reporting positive results from the improvements that have been made so far.

“I’ve noticed better availability of the Motorcraft brand and a broader spectrum of parts that we’re using,” said Anthony Vigliarolo, service manager, C&M Truck and Tire Repair Corp. in Staten Island, NY. “The price margin is significantly better which gives us an edge as a shop that we can be more competitive and stock more parts.”

Vigliarolo added that while the modified pricing is good, Motorcraft limited warranties are even better for his high-fleet shop, where Ford vehicles represent 60 percent of his business. “We believe we provide the best value through better service and Motorcraft parts. That’s the benefit for our customers.”

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