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Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery Service

From Package Deliveries To Mobile Car Washes, ?Ford Brings New Services To Your Connected Car

Posted at Wed, May 1, 2019 12:00 AM

By Lorin Kennedy, FordPass Ecosystem Business Leader, Ford Motor Company

For more than a century, Ford has powered people’s ability to get where they need to go with safe, reliable cars.

Now, we think it’s time to flip the script. Instead of using our vehicles solely to get us to our destinations, what if we used them as beacons to bring convenient and secure services to us?

Thanks to advancements in wireless technology, we now are easily connected to the goods and services we want. With the internet, we’ve been able to save time by shopping online instead of leaving the house for everything from food and clothing, to electronics and more. And the results have been undeniable. Last year alone, the United States Postal Service delivered close to 6.2 billion packages?—?double the amount it delivered almost a decade ago.

Some of these packages fit snugly into our mailboxes or can be accepted by building staff, but a lot of them end up sitting outside on porches and front stoops?—?vulnerable to bad weather or going missing. So, it’s easy to get anxious about your deliveries when you aren’t home to receive them.

That’s why we’re teaming up with Amazon to bring its Key by Amazon In-Car delivery service to eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Through In-Car delivery, eligible Ford and Lincoln owners now can have their Amazon Prime packages delivered to their vehicles. It’s a convenient, secure way to ensure your packages are delivered directly to you when you are out for the day, anticipating bad weather or wondering if your package is safe.

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