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Posted at Tue, Mar 14, 2017 2:30 PM
  • To save customers time and make their lives easier, Ford and Panasonic are testing an industry-first all-in-one Smart Service Kiosk. Designed for the outside environment, the kiosk includes key drop-off, payment, and automatic key return
  • Through the kiosk, available 24/7, customers can drop off and pick up their vehicle key or obtain keys to a loaner vehicle, select their needed service from a quick-pick menu, and pay for service using a credit or debit card
  • When service is complete, if the customer cannot make it to the dealership until off-hours, he or she can simply use the kiosk to return the loaner key and retrieve their vehicle key
  • The current test is taking place at Lafontaine Ford in Birch Run, Mich. and is slated to span 90 days with the potential to expand as needed

Dearborn, Mich., March 13, 2017 – We’ve all been there: You’re in a rush, need to drop off your vehicle for a service appointment, and upon arriving at the dealership, you realize a half-dozen other customers are already in line ahead of you.

This scenario is one example of why – to save customers time and make their lives easier – Ford and Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, are testing an industry-first Smart Service Kiosk aimed at increasing customer convenience related to vehicle service. The kiosk allows customers to come to the dealership at any time to drop off and pick up their vehicle key or obtain keys to a loaner vehicle, select needed services from a quick-pick menu, and pay for service using a credit or debit card.

“At Ford, our goal always is to make customers’ lives better, through both our products and services,” said Brad Brownell, director, Ford Global Distribution Strategy. “Smart Service Kiosk enables Ford customers to drop off, pick up, select and pay for their vehicle service on their time, whether it’s outside of dealership service hours or to avoid waiting in line if the service staff is busy.”

Designed for ease of use by Panasonic in collaboration with GoMoto, drop-off begins with customers entering their name and address using the kiosk touchscreen or by scanning their driver’s license QR code, then entering their e-mail and phone number. From there, they enter vehicle information, create a security PIN (for kiosk key-retrieval at pick-up), select services from a quick-pick menu (detailed comments also can be entered) and deposit their key. Customers receive an e-mail confirmation with a QR Code that must be scanned for key retrieval if picking up using the kiosk.

At pick-up, the customer scans the supplied QR code, enters their PIN and pays any outstanding service bill to retrieve their key.

Testing of the Smart Service Kiosk began in January at Lafontaine Ford in Birch Run, Mich. and is slated to span a 90-day trial period. Both Ford and Panasonic plan to assess the results of this initial test to determine next steps before committing to additional testing or implementation.

Ford customer Donavon Black recently used the kiosk at Lafontaine.

“The whole process of using the Kiosk from start to finish took about five minutes,” said Black. “It took a lot of the pressure off and I didn’t have to worry about anyone trying to upsell me. It even asked me if I wanted to approve a dollar amount. It was all taken care of in one step right there at the kiosk.

Services available through the Smart Service Kiosk quick-pick menu include those for: air conditioner, air filtration, alignment, battery, brake, cooling system, drivetrain, engine, inspection, oil change, recall, suspension, tires, transmission, windshield and others.

Working together

The Smart Service Kiosk is one example of how Ford’s technology team is focused on innovative technology solutions that drive the business and contribute to a more integrated and compelling customer experience, said Marcy Klevorn, group vice president, Information Technology, and chief information officer.

“The Smart Service Kiosk is a great example of Ford striving to find innovative solutions that make our customers’ lives better,” Klevorn said.

Ford leveraged the expertise of Panasonic, who collaborated with GoMoto, for the kiosk.

“Panasonic is thrilled to work with Ford on its connected solutions strategy. The new Smart Service Kiosk is an innovative solution designed to enhance Ford’s customer experience,” said Matt O’Connor, vice president, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America.

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