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Posted at Tue, Jan 24, 2023 11:30 AM

Trading or selling your vehicle does not have to be a stressful event. We take out the mystery and the uncertainty of the transaction for our customers. How?

We offer a seamless experience and the protection of 30-years in the automotive business. Our reputation for doing business the right way is impeccable. Just see our five-time J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence accolades! Here are more reasons to consider...

1) We offer a one-stop experience. There is no running around town from place to place submitting information, getting quotes, hoping the quotes are honored, hoping the deal will be funded as agreed, or wondering if payoffs or liens will be paid on time so that your good credit remains intact!

2) We make sure that if you have a balance or lien on your current vehicle that you are trading-in or selling to us, we will verify the amount with a 10-day payoff to the title-holding institution*. Once we make a deal with you, we will pay off the title-holding entity during that period for the agreed upon amount*.

3)Our goal is to offer you the highest possible trade-in value** or purchase value on your vehicle based on its current and fully operating condition and Kelly Blue Book information. We also ensure that you receive your allowed Tax Savings in the State of Texas. Did you know that you only pay sales tax at the rate of 6.25% on the trade-in difference?

4) We offer a no-risk transaction when you either trade-in or sell us your vehicle!

5) Our funds are good! That, in and of itself, is true peace of mind.

Stop by during our business hours and let us give you a 15-minute free appraisal of your vehicle so you know what it is worth today. Reach out to Sales Director Justin Griffis [email protected] or Sales Manager Nick Alvarez at [email protected]  for assistance or to answer any questions you may have. We are a CAR FAX Certified dealer and a J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence in the Customer Experience. Both accolades tell you that we KNOW what we are doing when it comes to your vehicle trade-in! 

*All payoffs on liens are predicated on whether a verified payoff has been obtained for a 10-day period, a valid contractual agrement exists between the legal parties either trading the vehicle in or selling it to Planet Ford Dallas. The payoff amount does not increase due to client's previous payments being insufficient, stop payment and / or return item to cause said quoted 10-day payoff to increase. All legally required documents to transfer title and complete any loan must be in Planet Ford Dallas' possession prior to payoff check being mailed out. 

**Mileage, equipment and condition may affect vehicle value. See dealer for details.

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