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A drivers hand on the wheel of a new ford truck.

Best New Year’s Upgrades for Your Ford

Posted at Thu, Jan 13, 2022 6:00 PM

New Year's Day is only one month away, and the chances are that you have a host of new goals you want to reach this coming year. While many of your goals may be personal or professional, why not also take the time to set goals to improve some of the things that drive you forward in life, like your Ford! There are plenty of great ways to usher in the New Year with new Ford upgrades. If your Ford could use some TLC, here are some of the best New Year's upgrades for your Ford worth considering. 

Protect Your Interior From Extreme Heat and Messes With the Right Covers and Shields

A drivers hand on the wheel of a new ford truck.

Image by Nadine Shaabana is used under the Unsplash License

Much like you wouldn't use your new phone without a protective case, leaving your Ford exposed to the elements can cause damage to the inside that leaves your new cab looking worse for wear. The good news? Keeping the inside of your Ford looking like you just drove it off the lot is quite simple with the right accessories. 

If you have pets or kids, one accessory you should have is seat protectors. Seat protectors go the extra mile by guarding the interior of your cab against damage, dirt, and spills that could soak into the fabric of your vehicle or stain the leather. Additionally, these helpful accessories are typically aesthetically pleasing, keeping essential areas protected without taking away from the interior design elements that drew your eye in the first place. 

Of course, you shouldn't stop here. If you live in a state known for hot summers and temperate winters, investing in deflectors for your windshield and a new dash protector can ensure that your cab doesn't begin degrading when it's left out in the sun daily. Remember, your car only lasts long if you put a high level of care into it!

Make Every Ride One to Remember With a New Stereo System and DVD Systems

If you're a big fan of listening to music when you hit the open road, why not indulge your senses with an upgraded audio system? It seems like vehicles are offering grander and clearer audio systems with each new release, making it so that everything from your playlists to your podcasts is coming out crisp, clear, and full. 

For some, installing a soundbar in the back of the cab is a great way to enhance their current sound experience without having to go overboard on interior renovations. For others, an amp and subwoofer kit will help them dramatically change the way the audio sounds in their car. No matter what appeals most to you, consider installing new speakers in your vehicle to make navigation, music, and phone calls that much more enjoyable. 

However, if you have little ones, they may not appreciate a new sound system just as much you do. What you can add to help them get more out of your vehicle is a DVD system. Whether these are installed directly into the headrests or added via a frame installed in your headrests, you can keep children entertained for hours with their favorite movies and wireless headphones or even give them easy access to their tablets. 

No matter who's in the car with you, there's plenty of fun and exciting tech upgrades that will satisfy the whole family. 

Get More Out of Your Adventures With Exterior Accessories Built For the Long Haul

If you're someone who relies on your Ford to take vacations and travel to new places, you'll be excited to learn that there's no shortage of accessories out there that will make it easier for you to get to your next destination. 

If you're someone who carries around a lot of tools and essentials with you when you go camping, for example, cargo accessories are the way to go. For those who feel like they never have enough space, bed extenders can offer you a bit more space by laying down the door to the truck of the bed and closing off with this section with the extender itself. While it may not be a ton more room, it is certainly enough to make a difference if you find yourself unable to squeeze in a few more bags or boxes. 

Cargo nets, loading ramps, racks, and mats can also be helpful along your journey if you want to stay organized and prevent your Ford from experiencing any damage along the way. If you want even more space or you tend to stay in a camper trailer, Ford offers trailer hitches and towing packages so that you can prepare your truck or SUV for the long journey ahead. No matter what, you need to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. There are great accessories out there designed specifically for storage and travel. 

Let Planet Ford Dallas Help You Find the Right OEM Parts and Accessories For Your Vehicle

Taking the time to invest in your vehicle can be a great New Year's goal, but finding the right parts and accessories to make this a reality might seem like a challenge. This is where Planet Ford of Dallas, Texas, comes in! Family-owned and operated since 1992, Planet Ford Dallas is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best quality and care whether you're coming to us to purchase a new or used Ford vehicle or you need high-quality Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. 

OEM parts keep your Ford functioning optimally as these parts come directly from Ford, guaranteeing that they are made for your vehicle, so you don't experience any issues along the way. No matter what type of Ford accessories you're looking to enhance your vehicle with, you can rely on Planet Ford Dallas to help you locate the accessory that you want to make your New Year. If you're having trouble finding the right accessory for your Ford vehicle or you have any questions about Planet Ford Dallas, contact us now, and we'll help you through every step of the process! 

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