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Reading aloud to kids at the library

Best Way to Spend Your Weekend in Dallas With Children

Posted at Thu, Apr 21, 2022 3:15 PM

The infant stage is when you can bond with a baby, see their personality emerge, and create memories that you'll remember forever. Although the child is young, it's not too early to embark on adventures outside of the home, especially if you're in Dallas, Texas. There are multiple attractions that are appropriate for babies and can provide fun and educational experiences for them and their adult companions. Grab some extra diapers and the stroller for a weekend in the big city. Please keep reading to learn about our favorite activities in Dallas that you can enjoy with an infant.

Listen to a Story at the LibraryKid having fun reading a book

Spend the morning at the Dallas Public Library to take part in Baby Basics Storytime, an activity that's tailored to infants. It includes a group reading of a children's book that can engage the baby in a story, along with nursery rhymes and music, to stimulate the baby's senses further. The library presents a quiet environment and an assortment of resources you can take home with you with a free library card. Dallas Public Library has multiple branches across the city. Access its website to find a location that's closest to you, and remember to check out the event calendar.

Enroll in a Swim Class

Put your baby in a bathing suit and enroll them in a free swim class. The sessions are for infants who are as young as two months. They can learn how to manage their breathing when they're frolicking underwater and feel comfortable in a body of water. As a parent or guardian, you can learn how to teach socialization techniques to the child when they're submerged in water during bath time. The classes also present opportunities to connect with fellow parents and for your children to interact with others that are around the same age.

Walk Through a Museum

Museums have open spaces that are perfect for pushing a stroller with your baby inside. While the child is too young to interpret items from the exhibits, looking at the objects and colors can keep them occupied as you walk through the galleries. Take advantage of the free admission at the Dallas Museum of Art, which is one of the top 10 most prominent museums in the country. It showcases paintings and 3D models that draw inspiration from cultures across the globe. Consider taking part in Toddler Tuesdays that support the artistic endeavors of young children under five years old. 

Go to the Aquarium

Another stroller-friendly attraction is the Dallas World Aquarium, which offers free admission for your baby. After purchasing an adult ticket online, set out to explore the habitats of animals who live underwater and in tropical environments. For example, you can give your baby an up-close view of frogs, tortoises, and chameleons in the South Africa exhibit or head over to the Orinoco exhibit to check out the sloths and parrots. When you and your infant are hungry, there are three restaurants on the first and third floors within the aquarium that offer diverse meal options.

Watch the Animals at the Zoo

As the oldest zoological park in the state, the Dallas Zoo contains exhibits of a variety of animals. The ticket is free for your baby, but the zoo requires you to purchase your ticket and make a reservation online before your visit. Guide the stroller to allow your infant to catch glimpses of the African animals, such as the hippo and gorilla, and watch as the chimpanzees swing throughout their habitats. Your child may also enjoy looking at the elephants, giraffes, and zebras in the section that houses large animals from the savanna. 

If you're looking for a break from pushing the stroller, then sit your baby on your lap for a ride on the mini-train or a spin on a carousel. There are multiple dining options to suit your preferences when you're ready for lunch. Consider studying the map of the zoo ahead of time to decide which exhibits you want to visit first.

Visit an Indoor Playground

An indoor playground has plenty of spaces for your infant to crawl across the floor, and the facility gives you and your young companion an escape from the Texas heat or inclement weather. Take a short drive to Carrollton to the Prestonwood Kidz Indoor Playground at Prestonwood Baptist Church. 

Admission is free, but the church requires you to check-in at the front desk before you head to the playground. The areas have padding that can protect your child during their explorations. The playground is open every day during the week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed on the weekends.

Take a Hike at a Local Park

A hike on a trail in a park is an opportunity for you and your infant to immerse in the great outdoors and enjoy the Dallas weather. Dedicate your afternoon to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. As you navigate the stroller through the gardens, you can look at blooming flowers and exquisite sculptures and fountains. For instance, the Jonsson Color Garden features plants that bloom during certain seasons, while the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden offers education to children about nature. You can purchase adult tickets directly from the website.

Another outdoor and family-oriented atmosphere for your baby is Klyde Warren Park. There are five acres of land, perfect for an afternoon walk. You can park the stroller and spread out a blanket with some snacks for a picnic. Additional dining options are food trucks and signature restaurants on the property. Consider visiting the park during an event, such as a pop-up story reading. The park's events calendar is accessible online.

We hope this list of fun activities from Planet Ford Dallas inspired you to take your baby on a trip to North Texas for the weekend and enjoy a change of scenery. Did we miss anything? Let us know, and we'll be happy to add it to our list.

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