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Ford Escape Interior Dimensions & Features

Ford Escape Interior Features & Dimensions

Posted at Thu, Jan 12, 2023 5:15 PM

Exterior features are there for turning heads and getting your car noticed on the road. But internal attributes are for your enjoyment. Soft leather, comfortable seats, climate control, and spacious interiors are all about giving you sheer driving pleasure. Ford understands this, and the 2023 Ford Escape's interior dimensions prove that your comfort and convenience were top of mind during the design process. Continue reading to learn more about the interior of the Ford Escape. If you still have questions, call Planet Ford Dallas at (844) 990-1942.

Why Legroom Matters

Legroom is not only an important consideration when you're booking your next flight. It's also crucial when you choose your next car. This is because legroom is vitally important for a comfortable journey and the overall health of your passengers.

The inability to stretch out or move your legs even a little bit can cause circulation problems. While this might be okay for that one-off, short-distance journey, it's not great when it's your everyday commute.

Investing in that extra legroom for your car could also be handy if you need extra space for gear, luggage, or the monthly shopping haul. It’s particularly useful if you are the designated transport for your basketball-playing teen and their teammates.

A Bigger Cargo Area

a woman and her son load up their ford escape with groceries

Whether planning the camping trip of a lifetime or doing a grocery haul for a large family, added cargo space often becomes necessary. Ford managed to squeeze 65.4 cubic feet of cargo area behind the front seat. This is possible by folding the 60/40 split-fold back seats flat. While this means sacrificing the back seat, you can limit this by only folding one side down. This flexibility will still allow significant extra cargo space.

Suppose you're carting around passengers and need the back seat entirely free. You’ll be glad to know that the space behind the rear seat offers between 34.4 and 37.5 cubic feet. The hybrid models offer slightly less space due to the size of the battery. At 34.4 cubic feet, that's still a decent amount left for shopping and a weekend away. This space behind the back seat is usually only available in full SUVs, much larger than the Ford Escape.

Improved Legroom

Thanks to their seemingly bigger size, you'd expect that SUVs can provide extra legroom, especially for taller friends. Instead, your tall friends automatically call shotgun for the front passenger seat to avoid cramping in the back. They know that the leg area offers up a few extra inches of legroom.

The 2023 Ford Escape proves that SUVs provide more than just a little headroom and ground clearance. The 60/40 split-fold back seat can move forward and backward, offering an additional 5.9 inches of legroom.

The legroom dimensions for the back seat passengers can reach 40.7 inches. However, the hybrid and plug-in models offer slightly less at 38.9 inches.

The front passenger seat will still be a coveted option, especially for those longer trips, as it offers legroom of up to 42.4 inches.

Comfortable Seating

It's not just about legs and luggage. Ford also ensures ample seating space for drivers and passengers. The front row offers 55.2 inches of hip room and 57.6 inches of shoulder room. The back row has 53.3 inches of hip room and 56 inches of shoulder room. This makes it a great option for those who want a roomier interior.

The seating configuration is for up to five adult passengers. The passenger volume of the interior is 104 cubic feet, which allows enough space for all five passengers.

Clever Hacks To Make the Most of Your Car's Interior Dimensions

Ford's approach to roomier interiors will undoubtedly encourage drivers to spend more time in their cars, not because they have to but because they want to. However, on the odd occasion where even the spacious 2023 Ford Escape still doesn't offer enough space, a few clever hacks will help you make the most of your car's interior.

Make Use of Foldable Crates

Instead of just placing bags and loose items in the trunk, you can save space and protect your items by keeping them in a foldable crate. Foldable crates are available in different sizes, which makes it easier to make the most of your cargo area.

Also, when packing and unpacking the car, you can use the crates and keep your items together. This usually makes making packing day a little easier. When you're done, you can fold the crates flat until they're needed again.

Free Up Space Inside

Why keep all that luggage in the car when you can easily strap it to the roof and call it a day? Waterproof luggage and sports equipment are ideal candidates for the roof rails area and will save you a ton of space. Trims such as the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite offer roof rails for extra storage.

If that's not enough, the Ford Escape also has a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs, enough to tow a small trailer you can use for storage.

Keep the Console Clear

The car console can be a dumping ground for snacks, electronics, and even important documents that need to come along on the journey. Be sure to organize the area and use other storage areas within the SUV to reduce clutter in this area.

Fitted with a media storage bin in the center consoles, the Escape models reduce clutter significantly. There are also eight cup holders to ensure cups and water bottles don't end up on the floor.

Additionally, an overhead console can hold sunglasses, and the rear seats have access to USB charging points, reducing the clutter in the media storage bin.

Find Your Roomy 2023 Ford Escape Today

A spacious car interior offers comfort to any journey that cramped-up interiors can't — ask any of your tall friends! Take a step toward filling your journeys with memories, not clutter. Step into 2023 with one of Ford's most spacious SUVs and have the legroom you deserve. Give us a call at Planet Ford Dallas at (844) 990-1942 to schedule your test drive today.

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