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Randall Reed Family Owned & Operated Since 1992

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Meet Randall Reed at 6th Annual Light Up To Live Clay Shoot

Posted at Wed, Jan 25, 2023 6:00 AM

Join Randall Reed and his business partners at the 6th Annual Light Up To Live Clay Shoot at Elm Fork Shooting Sports in Dallas on Thursday afternoon Oct. 12, 2023. It's not too early to give us a verbal / email commitment to reserve your 4-person team. Reserve now, pay later!

All proceeds raised support our military veterans living the Post Traumatic Stress, Pain, Depression and Brain Trauma. The charitable foundation started byReed pays for highly-trained service dogs that are donated to veterans who need thier assistance with daily living. And, the charity donates portable polychromatic light therapy systems that treat pain and circulation issues as a result of injury to body tissues. 

This year the charity will partner with V.E.T.S. founded by Navy Seal Marcos Capone and his wife Amber. Their Dallas-based organization pays for experimental therapy with pyschedelic medications, like Ketamine, in the treatment of depression in veterans whose brains are resistant to traditional forms of anti-depressants. 

Planet Ford Dallas is proud to be a sponsor of the Light Up To Live Foundation!

This event sells out so reserve your spot or team early! Email [email protected] or call 214-379-1445. 

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