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A tempting triple row of perfectly frosted chocolate cupcakes.

Where To Get Gourmet Cupcakes in Dallas, TX

Posted at Mon, Sep 20, 2021 8:00 AM

Cupcakes are a delightful sweet treat to enjoy. These tender little cakes with creamy frosting are easy to eat, fit neatly into a lunchbox, and are perfect for parties and special events. If you're looking for gourmet cupcakes in the Dallas, Texas, area to serve at your next gathering or just to indulge in, you have many options.

Check out this list of bakeries and shops that sell upscale cupcakes.

Fluellen Cupcakes

A tempting triple row of perfectly frosted chocolate cupcakes.

Cupcakes” by mr.throk is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Head over to 1408 Elm St. in downtown Dallas to enjoy tasty cupcakes from Fluellen Cupcakes. The owner of this establishment uses high-quality ingredients in all of his products and bakes the cupcakes daily. Signature cupcake flavors at Fluellen Cupcakes include banana pudding with a cream cheese frosting and topped with a vanilla wafer. Another house special is the wedding cake, which is a classic white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Other favorite cupcakes include lemon delight, German chocolate, and carrot cake.

Also, if you're looking for a present for someone, consider giving them a gift card from Fluellen Cupcakes.


Keep a close watch on the next stop of Bubbles, the vintage airstream trailer filled with quirky and fun cupcakes. The founders of Trailercakes discovered a run-down 1965 airstream trailer from Ohio and spent months restoring it. They turned the trailer, named Bubbles, into a mobile cupcake dispensary. And each the trailer arrives in the neighborhood, everyone smiles and thrills at having a gourmet cupcake delivered to them. Of course, you can also stop by the bakery at 1201 Eldorado to stock up on delicious cupcakes.

Enjoy cupcakes such as Happy Days filled and topped with colorful rainbow sprinkles. Or try the Pebbles and Bam Bam, Cookie Monster, or the Laverne and Shirley topped with a frosted flower.

BIRD Bakery

At BIRD Bakery, all the cupcakes and baked goods are made from scratch using the finest of ingredients, like Plugra butter, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and Valrhona cocoa. More impressive, at the end of the day, the restaurant donates any unsold cupcakes or meals to local charitable organizations. The founder of BIRD Bakery, Elizabeth Chambers, grew up cooking with her mother and grandmother and fell in love with creating quality foods. Elizabeth and her husband established the first BIRD Bakery in her native San Antonio and then opened the second branch in Dallas.

Cupcake flavors include lemon, fresh strawberry, chocolate salted caramel, and fresh coconut. You can order gluten-free options of any cupcake flavors or miniature cupcakes. If you'd like to stay for breakfast or lunch, BIRD Bakery offers quiche, toasts, and sandwiches. You can also try a variety of pies, cookies, bars, and custom cakes.

BIRD Bakery is located at 7 Highland Park Village in Dallas.

Unrefined Bakery

Bakers at Unrefined Bakery use only pure and whole ingredients, including organic non-GMO flours, nuts, fruits, sugars, fats, and free-range eggs. The results of this culinary approach are wholesome, tasty cupcakes that locals and visitors enjoy. The bakery is 100% gluten- and soy-free, 99% corn- and dairy-free, and 80% egg-free, so those with select food allergies can enjoy a sweet treat here.

Signature cupcake offerings include carrot buttercream, chocolate, vanilla, chocolate peanut butter fudge, and basil blueberry. Unrefined Bakery also carries an assortment of bread, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods for you to enjoy.

Find Unrefined Bakery in Uptown, Medallion Center, and Preston Center in Dallas, as well as Frisco, Rockwall, and Fort Worth, Texas.

Reverie Bakeshop

If you're looking for cupcakes that are 100% vegan, stop by Reverie Bakeshop — located at 980 N. Coit Rd., Suite 2850 in Richardson. All the cakes, cupcakes, and baked goods are free of eggs, dairies, and animal byproducts. If you also want your cupcakes gluten-free, the team at Reverie Bakeshop can accommodate your needs.

The cupcakes here are miniature versions of their cakes and come in standard and mini sizes. Choose from flavors such as classic vanilla, chocolate, or marble cake for traditional cake and cupcake flavors. Signature cakes include the Strawberry Charlotte, Red Velvet, Sunny Side Lemon, or Honee Cream Cheese made with bee-free honey. You can also pick up pies, cookies, bars, whipped cakes, a variety of bread, and savory baked goods like vegan quiche or chicken pot pie.

Kookie Haven

Three sisters decided to reopen a family business, so they rebranded it and launched Kookie Haven. Not only can you get a selection of cookies at the bakery, but you also can find your favorite — even exotic — flavors of cupcakes at Kookie Haven. Their cupcakes, which they call Square Bites, are small versions of their special-occasion cakes.

You can find flavors such as banana, chocolate, carrot, Italian cream, and lemon. Additional Square Bite flavors include red velvet, wedding cake, Oreo, and strawberry. What's more, there are a dozen Dinky Bites (which are small cupcakes) with the same cake offerings. Kookie Haven also serves vegan cupcakes.

Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery

Locals and out-of-town guests recommend Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery. This restaurant is the place to refuel with cupcakes and sweet treats after a busy day shopping at the Medallion Center at 6464 E. NW. Highway. Every day, the team bake and frost 13 variations of cupcakes. The outfit also has specialty flavors that change daily, so it's important to check their website often to see what creative flavors they're offering that day.

The birthday cupcake is a little cake with rainbow sprinkles topping the vanilla frosting. If you like the color pink, check out the pink vanilla or pink chocolate cupcake. Chocolate lovers will appreciate the rich flavor in the chocoholic or chocolate cream cupcakes. Other flavors include strawberry and peanut butter cup.

There you have it! Our team at Planet Ford Dallas has selected our preferred places to get gourmet cupcakes in the Dallas area. Aren't you craving a cupcake after reading about all these amazing places? Which one was your favorite? If you know of any other hidden gems serving fabulous cupcakes around Dallas, feel free to let us know. We'll add it to our list.

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