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Ford Protect Plan - Extended Service Plans in Dallas

The benefits of buying a Ford don’t stop with you pulling off the lot after a great deal. It’s our duty and privilege to offer protection to our customers that help them extend their vehicles' lives. The Ford Protect extended service plan is backed 100% by the Ford Motor Company. The program offers extensive aftermarket services designed for peace of mind and ease of access. Few dealerships in Texas, especially the Dallas, Fort Worth area, offer manufacturer-backed warranties like Planet Ford Dallas. It’s common to see third-party vendors working with dealerships to provide warranty services. Have confidence you’re getting the best plan for your driving from the people who made the vehicle!

Extended Service Plans

An extended service plan is also called a vehicle service contract or extended warranty. It’s an optional plan to protect you from costly repairs after the manufacturer's warranty on your vehicle expires. The reasoning behind wanting an extended service plan is to prevent the always untimely and never-welcomed significant car problems. Participating in an extended service plan gives you peace of mind in an often stressful situation, knowing you’re covered. 

Get the Most Out of Your Deal

We aim to ensure legitimate extended service options for all our customers and drivers. We have a Protect Plan feature ranging from the tailpipe to the front bumper and everything in between. The team at Planet Ford Dallas in Dallas, TX, wants to spend some time introducing their most commonly used Protect Plan aftermarket services. Most of the Ford Protect plans are 100% transferable, which can add value to your existing car, entice potential buyers, or help the new owner of a used Ford!

Ford Protect Has You Covered

The resources below will provide everything you need to know about the Ford Protect program. Feel free to ask our Ford sales representatives about the Ford Protect plan during your trip to learn more. Various time/mileage/hour options and deductibles are available for you to choose from. We created this guide to help you break down standard services and let you know about your options, so you aren’t forced into a deal you’re uncomfortable with.

Common Ford Protect Aftermarket Services

The extensive amount of options can be overwhelming, and comparing and contrasting different models can be bothersome. Work with the team at Planet Ford Dallas to help you customize the Ford Protect plan options however best for you, but we’ll get into that further down the page. There are more than five options to choose from, mainly if you include all the variables we’re able to work with you on. At Planet Ford Dallas, our goal is to help you avoid significant costs and repairs down the line by customizing our plan for your driving. As one of the few dealerships in the Dallas, TX area to offer Fords manufacturer warranties, we’ve become quite familiar with the offers. We put together a list of the most common Ford Protect plan options we deal with at Planet Ford Dallas. 

Ford Blue Advantage - Blue Upgrade Plans

        •  PremiumCare - 1,000 covered components
          • ExtraCARE - 113 covered components
          • BaseCARE - 84 covered components
          • PowertrainCARE - 29 covered components

PremiumCARE - Extended Service Plan

      • Protection from unforeseen covered repairs on your vehicle for up to 8 years or 150,000 miles. 
      • Various deductible options, both standard and optional

TripleCARE Plus - Extended Service Plan

        • Rental benefits for covered repairs under your vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage, as well as for Customer Satisfaction Programs and recalls.  
        • First-Day Rental coverage for all Ford and competitive-make vehicles

Premium Maintenance Plan - Extended Service Plan

        • Way more than your routine oil change - provides exceptional protection for your vehicle with regular inspections, preventive care, and replacement of select wear items that require periodic attention to ensure it’s running at top performance.
      • If you ever sell your vehicle, the new owner can take advantage of the remaining coverage. We’ve seen plan transfer lead to an increase in price on sale.

RentalCARE - Extended Service Plan

    • The convenience of immediate First-Day Rental coverage at $35 per day. Each eligible repair visit is covered for up to 3 days. Plus, there’s no deductible!
    • Rental benefits for covered repairs under your vehicle’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage, as well as for Customer Satisfaction Programs and recalls

Customize the Ford Protect Plan for your Driving

Our finance team will be with you step-by-step to work on shaping the best possible Protect Plans for you. Another benefit of the manufacturer extended warranties offered by Planet Ford Dallas is the ability for the service, parts, sales, and finance teams to come together quickly. Clear communication between teams helps our customers get the most out of their trips and which Protect Plans are best for you. 

How to know what to look for

 A few questions you should ask yourself before speaking with a representative are; “what will the car be used for” “what type of driving am I doing” and “history with previous cars.” Knowing exactly which plan is best for you is up to personal preference and how you feel. Of course, we’d be thrilled to get you onto every plan, but our end goal is what feels best to you. The sales representatives at your local dealership should be able to answer any questions you may need or find someone in the dealership who has an answer. Our team at Planet Ford Dallas is more than happy to dive into Protect Plan features to ensure you get the most out of your deal.  

Planet Ford Dallas Authorized Ford Protect Provider

Planet Ford Dallas of Dallas, TX, is one of the consistent and effective providers of Ford Protect plan aftermarket services in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Our focus is on making sure you’re satisfied with your deal and relieving any doubts about service payments from your mind. It’s hard to find any downsides with a manufacturer-issued extended warranty. From rental coverage to vehicle components, there is a plan for you. Routine maintenance is crucial for keeping your vehicle running clean and smooth. Understandably, some people with lucky vehicle histories haven’t run into a situation.

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